Those burning questions finally answered.  

What is clowder9?

Clowder9 was created by me (Jessica denHeyer) as a way to showcase my design services. 

What services do you offer?

What is your job title?

I like to keep things simple around here, so I call myself a Designer. I've worn a lot of hats since starting out in 2005 - from Interactive Designer, and Flash Developer, to Art Director and Lead Creative. Fancy job titles aside, I'm a designer at heart.

How experienced are you?

What days are you available to work with us?

I'm available to work four days a week, excluding weekends.

The days of the week that I work can often be booked on a project-by-project basis, giving you more flexibility.

What languages do you speak, besides the language of awesome?

I speak fluent English (mother-tongue) and German (B1).

What tools and equipment do you use?

Are you currently available for hire?

COVID-19 Update ✨

Where are you located?

I live in Berlin, and offer local on-site work as well as remote-work across Europe and beyond. Having my own office space and equipment means remote work is never a problem.

How do I contact you?

How do you invoice clients?

I charge hourly and daily rates but this varies depending on the scope and longevity of the project. We will discuss this in detail before project kick-off.

My invoices are in German, with English translations for clients in non-German-speaking parts of the world.


My work situation is not affected by Brexit. I can continue to live and work in Europe as I did before (besides some Brexit-related sadness, of course).

Do you like cats?

Yes. In fact the name clowder9 was inspired by cats. A clowder is the name given to a group of cats. 


How did you create the clowder9 website? 

Where can I find your references?

I want to know more

Made with ❤︎ and ☯︎. Copyright Jessica denHeyer 2021. All rights reserved.

Made with ❤︎ and ☯︎. Copyright Jessica denHeyer 2021. All rights reserved.